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Lola Raya

Lola Raya was born in 1965 in Terrassa, Barcelona. Her restlessness and skill in drawing and plastic arts led her to take many workshops where she learnt and practiced various craft techniques, being her main hobby for several decades. It was in 2014 when she decided to put her focus on art to become a professional, so she was training and taking drawing and painting classes at "Bloc, artistic expression center" academy in Terrassa, carrying out a deep study and learning of the pastel technique, with which she connected until she could identified herself as a pastel artist. In 2017 she was diagnosed with a genetic degenerative eye disease which gave her even more strength to continue with painting. And with each exhibition she was sending out a message of empowerment to those people who are in complex conditions. Her exhibitions "Thiancoumalal" (July 2020, Terrassa), and "Life and Essence" (June 2021, Formentera) stand out. Another of her present projects is the launch of her Sustainable Fashion Brand “Lola Raya”, where she put together conscious-slow fashion, painting and music (BSO Thiancoumalal). She is currently immersed in creating NFTs collections of her works.

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